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Dumb Brunette Jokes

1 ) Why are brunettes like rocks? You skip the flat ones.

2 ) Why do brunettes like their hair color? It hides the dirt.

  • 3 ) How many brunettes does it take to stop a runaway bus? Not Enough.
  • 4 ) What’s the difference between a hockey player and a brunette? The hockey player showers after three periods.
  • 5 ) What do brunettes use for birth control? Their personalities
  • 6 ) If you’re not dating a brunette, raise your hand. If you are, raise your standards.
  • 7 ) Why do brunettes give great head? They’ll swallow anything.
  • 8 ) Why don’t brunettes take showers? Oil and water don’t mix.
  • 9 ) Why did the brunette have twelve pairs of panties? One for each month.
  • 10 ) Why did the brunette cross the road?Who cares? Why isn’t she in the kitchen fixing dinner?
  • 11 ) Why are brunettes so strong? They have to support themselves.

12 ) What’s white and found in a brunette’s underwear? Clitty litter.

13 ) Why did god invent alcohol? So brunettes could get laid, too.

Brunette Jokes Clean

14 ) Why do brunettes take vibrators to the beach?They like to “Shake & Bake”.

15 ) Did you hear about the brunette that put Odor Eaters in her shoes? She disappeared.

  • 16 ) What pickup lines do Brunettes hear the most? “How now, brown cow?”
  • 17 ) How does a brunette keep her youth? She gives him lots of money.
  • 18 ) Why are there no dumb brunettes? Peroxide.
  • 19 ) How does every Brunette joke begin? By looking over your shoulder!
  • 20 ) What do you call picking up a brunette from a bar? Brown-Bagging it.
  • 21 ) Why did God give Brunettes vaginas? So men would talk to them.
  • 22 ) Why did the brunette take a job at the loading dock? She loved taking deliveries in the rear.
  • 23 ) How does a brunette spice up her love life? She changes the batteries.
  • 24 ) Why does Indiana have brunettes and California have earthquakes? California had first choice.
  • 25 ) How does a brunette commit suicide? She gathers all her overalls into a pile and jumps off.
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26 ) Whats the difference between a brunette and a brick? At least a brick gets laid.

27 ) Why can’t brunettes “tease” their hair? Because it’s not funny.

Brunette Jokes Dirty

  • 28 ) What happens when a brunette forgets to pay her garbage bill?They stop delivering.
  • 29 ) Did you hear about the nursery rhyme with Brunettes? Humpme Dumpme.
  • 30 ) What do brunettes and toilet seats have in common?Without the hole in the middle, neither one is worth a shit.
  • 31 ) How do brunettes get rid of roaches? They ask for commitment.
  • 32 ) How can two brunettes become invisible in a crowd of three?When they’re with a blonde.
  • 33 ) What’s the difference between a light bulb and a brunette? You can unscrew a light bulb.
  • 34 ) When do brunettes eat lots of beans? Before they take a bubble bath.

35 ) What’s the difference between brunette pussy and a bowling ball? You could eat a bowling ball if you had to.

36 ) What is “making love”? Something a brunette does while a man is fucking her.

37 ) Why is a brunette like my bed? They both get turned down every night

38 ) What did the brunette say when her dog started licking her face? “Down Boy”

39 ) What is a brunettes favorite deorderant? RAID.

40 ) What do you call a brunette who uses birth control? A Humanitarian.

41 ) Why are hangovers better than brunettes? Hangovers go away.

42 ) What do brunettes look forward to later on in life? Grey Hair

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