Below you will find out the Inspirational and Motivational collection of Haters Quotes and Sayings. Every successful person has the Haters in them life who want to bring them down.
Haters choose the person to hate who is crazy to build a succesful future. In your successful life you will bear lots of Haters but the mean thing is how you treat and handle your hater.
These 50+ Famous Hater Quotes will help you to confuse your haters and show a corner to them. Hope you find out the best one according to your mood.

Best Haters Quotes

1 ) Haters are either unhappy or not contented with their own life.

2 ) Real friends love you for who you are, fake friends hate you for who you are.

3 ) A genuine smile is the best gift you could give your haters.

4 ) Bitches talk shit cause they don’t know me, truth is, if i had a d**k , they’d be the first to blow me.

5 ) Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys.

6 ) Mind over matter, I don’t mind and u dont matter

7 ) Hate is the root of all wrongdoings. It is the reason why our world is not safe place to live anymore. I hope love will prevail in times like this.

8 ) Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Call me whatever. I’ve heard it before. Say that I’m fake. Say that I lie. Say what you want. You won’t see me cry, because I know none of it’s true, but calling me all this shit, ha, what the hell does that make you?

9 ) My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya.

10 ) I don’t worry about the haters… They are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lie they live.

11 ) Smiling at the bitch who hates you.

12 ) A haters job is to hate you, and they stay on their job 24/7. So, if you’re expecting them to clock out, and leave you alone think again.

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13 ) Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy.

14 ) You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.

15 ) The only reason you hate me cause you know i’m gonna be your boss, BITCH!

Quotes On Hater

16 ) Love is a very powerful weapon against hate and all other things associated with it.

17 ) There are two kinds of people in this world, your friends and your haters.

18 ) Behind every sucessful person lies a pack of Haters! I love my haters!

19 ) The only reason why haters hate you is because you are better than them.

  • 20 ) Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.
  • 21 ) Love those who hate you. Let your love shine upon them so there will be no reason for you to hate them too.
  • 22 ) I keep my head held high and smile, because there are people who will kill to see me fall.
  • 23 ) Haters keep on hating, cause somebody’s gotta do it.
  • 24 ) People who hate you because of a mere jealousy over your success hurt themselves in disguise. This is because you carry an image of who they wish they had become. Don’t hate them back because they may also become like you one day and it will mean hurting that image you carry!

25 ) These haters pretending that it’s all good. Say that sh-t in person man, I wish y’all would.

26 ) No matter how good you are, someone is always going to be against you. But never let them be the limit of your success.

27 ) The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.

28 ) Never assume every critic is a hater. Not everyone is hating on you…Somebody is telling you the TRUTH.

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29 ) I don’t recall giving you a reason to hate me, you create your own drama based on pure jealousy!

30 ) Don’t mess with someone else’s relationship just because you can’t get one.

Hater Motivational Quotes

31 ) Hate comes when love ends.

32 ) Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

33 ) Tell anything about me if you like, spread rumors if you like, but one thing for sure you will never be like me.

  • 34 ) People will always have their opinion on you despite who you are and what your capable of.
  • 35 ) Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.
  • 36 ) When you’re talking to your friend and you stop mid-sentence because the b*tch you don’t like, walks by.
  • 37 ) Don’t doubt yourself, that’s what haters are for.    

38 ) A hater is a person whose jealousy of another person success or achievements makes them verbally nit-pick any flaws no matter how small or just make up flaws in order to somehow try and belittle the successful person.

39 ) I don’t have time, energy, or interest in hating the haters; I’m too busy loving the lovers.

  • 40 ) I would love to acknowledge those who hate me. They love it when they get my attention. And so I will give it to them.
  • 41 ) I don’t care at all if you hate. I was not born to please you anyway.
  • 42 ) Haters will act as if they are real friends, but the truth is they are watching all your moves and when they get a chance they will stab you at the back.
  • 43 ) It’s funny how the people who know me the least have the most to say.
  • 44 ) Haters keep on hating, cause somebody’s gotta do it.   
  • 45 ) You will never get the peace you want if there is still hate in your heart.
  • 46 ) Expect while reaching for the stars, people to whirl by with their dark clouds and storm upon you.
  • 48 ) The hated man is the result of his hater’s pride rather than his hater’s conscience.
  • 49 ) The Internet is for haters. Everyone wants to knock somebody down, but it’s cool.
  • 50 ) Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy because they’re the ones who think you’re better than them.
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51 ) I try not to read the negative comments, and when I do, I let it roll off my back. I remind myself that there will always be haters as long as you are in the public eye.

52 ) And these haters try to knock me but they can’t knock me off the hinges.

53 ) IDGAF about what you think about me, it’s your opinion. You are just a hater, my time is precious, not worthy of wasting it on you.

54 ) You can never trust someone who hates almost everyone. His mind is full of evil, one who doesn’t think twice in doing bad.

55 ) I think people are just haters. When they see people doing well, some people, if there’s something wrong, they’ll pick at that.

56 ) Haters are my favorite. I’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Keep on hating.

57 ) Don’t try to win over the haters; you are not a jackass whisperer.

58 ) When you hate, the enemy celebrates.

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